About Red Symons...

The unfortunate events surrounding an ABC radio interview between Red Symons and Beverley Wang demonstrates just how far the media is from creating an inclusive and vibrant community Australians can be proud of.

Media Diversity Australia believes the interview was not conducted in the spirit of inclusion and the cultural insensitivity shown by Red Symons towards his interviewee is a matter the ABC should reflect on, and consider an appropriate response.

It made for painful listening. Since MDA launched, we have spoken to many culturally diverse media colleagues from across the industry who have faced similar attitudes. This is sadly, not an isolated incident. I commend Beverley for her calm and dignified responses.
— MDA co-founder Isabel Lo.

MDA’s mission is to increase cultural and ethnic representation in news and current affairs media, and believes such culturally insensitive attitudes can be a barrier to a more diverse media.

“An exchange like this between a senior media personality and a producer like Beverley Wang demonstrates the kinds of barriers journalists from culturally diverse backgrounds can face. Cultural insensitivity from experienced broadcasters can really discourage the next generation of diverse journalists.” says Ms Lo.

“It is situations like this that show how the mainstream media in Australia does not accurately represent, and often misunderstands, our multicultural society.”



Isabel Lo, founder Media Diversity Australia on +61 420 567 715.


Media Diversity Australia is a nationwide advocacy and support network that strives to:

- Provide support and networking opportunities for journalists and media professionals from culturally diverse backgrounds.
- Promote and encourage public discourse on issues related to ethnic diversity but also religion, gender, disability, income, age and sexual orientation.
- Foster an inclusive media discussion on diversity that respects and encourages different political and ideological viewpoints.
- Recognise the importance of Indigenous roles in the media.
- Promote the importance of storytelling from a range of cultural perspectives.
- Engage community leaders from culturally diverse backgrounds to build stronger relationships with media outlets.
- Conduct empirical research in areas of diversity in the Australian media.