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Media Diversity Australia invites all media companies to embrace the storytelling power of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape.

As the nation’s most recognised advocacy body for cultural diversity and representation in media, MDA champions dynamic collaboration. We work alongside those seeking to make a change in a media industry that looks and sounds like Australia. 

With a track record of driving systemic change and creating pathways, MDA is pleased to offer our diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise through our MDA Membership

MDA’s bespoke membership program is for companies working across print, broadcast, digital, and everything in between. We empower members through our strategic insights and frameworks and translate our research and advocacy into practical, actionable, and genuine steps towards greater diversity and representation.  

Member organisations benefit from MDA’s expert directory and TalentHub, strategic insights and frameworks, and practical tools we’ve developed to help enrich the mix of faces and voices Australians hear, see and read daily.

*Capped at 5 hours per annum, additional hours can be purchased at consultancy rate.

Our members include…

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Membership Benefits 

Expert Directory: Access to a pool of diverse talent with a range of expertise that can be used for various engagements, such as media commentary, potential authors, or program producers. 

TalentHub: Access to a vetted register of emerging and established talent to ease your recruitment process and support diversifying your teams, from entry-level to senior staff.

Recruitment: Advertisement placements (specified or unlimited) across MDA socials per year to ensure your recruitment ads reach a broad range of talent.

Networking: Opportunities for all staff to attend MDA’s regular events and draw on our diverse and influential networks. 

Training: Access to customised training designed to meet the unique needs of media companies. 

Reverse speaking opportunities: Invitations for your senior staff to speak at MDA events and reciprocal opportunities to engage MDA’s senior staff as speakers. 

Showcase your commitment: Enhance your brand by displaying your commitment to media diversity, rights to membership badges, icons, and links to MDA’s website.

Influence & Collaboration:
MDA actively seeks member input towards our breadth of industry and government proposals, submissions, and national advocacy campaigns. 

Bespoke Expert Diversity & Inclusion sessions:
Annual Strategy and Advisory sessions with MDA’s CEO Mariam Veiszadeh. As a Diversity and Inclusion expert, award-winning human rights champion, lawyer, founder, contributing author, and social commentator, these sessions provide targeted support to senior decision makers.  

Collaboration – Internships:
MDA invites members to participate in our internship program as a hosting media outlet. This co-branded program creates employment pathways and scaffolds the experience of diverse graduates.  

Collaboration – Events:
MDA invites members to participate in our annual co-branded events program. We celebrate best practices in the industry and bring together industry leaders and diversity champions. 

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