Media Diversity Australia invites all media companies to embrace the storytelling power of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape.

As the nation’s most recognised advocacy body for cultural diversity and representation in media, MDA champions dynamic collaboration. We work alongside those seeking to make a change in a media industry that looks and sounds like Australia. 

With a track record of driving systemic change and creating pathways, MDA is pleased to offer our diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise through our MDA Membership

MDA’s bespoke membership program is for companies working across print, broadcast, digital, and everything in between. We empower members through our strategic insights and frameworks and translate our research and advocacy into practical, actionable, and genuine steps towards greater diversity and representation.  

Member organisations benefit from MDA’s expert directory and TalentHub, strategic insights and frameworks, and practical tools we’ve developed to help enrich the mix of faces and voices Australians hear, see and read daily.

*Capped at 5 hours per annum, additional hours can be purchased at consultancy rate.
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