What We Do

Founded by journalists (Isabel Lo and Antoinette Lattouf) in 2017, Media Diversity Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation, working towards creating a media landscape that looks and sounds like Australia.

They have expertise in delivering evidence-based research, bespoke programs, strategic memberships and partnerships that disrupt the status quo and pave pathways for diverse representation across Australian media.

We have a vision for a media industry with full and equal participation for culturally diverse people at all levels.

To achieve our vision, our activities focus on three areas:

1. Setting the agenda

We advocate for the value of cultural diversity and the opportunity for change, so that diversity is recognised as essential to the media’s role and success.

2. Creating pathways

We deliver relevant, quality programs for media professionals to support their full and equal participation in the industry.

3. Partnering for change

We are an honest partner for media organisations seeking to drive change, to support them to deliver on their commitments.

Through our work, we uphold these values:


We understand the media industry, and work alongside those seeking to make change.


We are honest about the changes required to improve diversity in the media, and the opportunities that diversity can create.


We value the aspirations and needs of diverse media professionals (as that’s who we are ourselves); we listen to and amplify your voices. We will be allies to advocates for other forms of diversity, including gender, sexuality, and disability.


We believe in practical steps to improve diversity, including direct support for journalists, media professionals and media outlets.


We believe in core Australian values, respect, multiculturalism and a fair go for all.