Oz Malik
Position : Media officer
Phone : 0425 248 931
Email : omalik64@gmail.com
Cultural or linguistic group : Muslim, South Asian, Sufi
Expertise : International Relations and Politics, Youth Issues, Social and environmental issues, Community issues, Interfaith issues, Spiritual issues, Urban planning issues
Gender : Male

Oz Malik

Women's Islamic Council

Youth issues, social and environmental issues, international relations and politics, community issues, interfaith issues, spiritual issues, urban planning issues.


Oz Malik is a community leader, actor, artist and program curator. His practice adopts ideas and inspiration from Sufi mysticism, ancient wisdom and decolonialisation. As a person of colour, Oz Malik seeks to portray positive and honest representation of multicultural communities in the media and film landscape.


Postgraduate studies international politics and relations - University of Melbourne