Kean Wong
Location Sydney
Cultural or linguistic group Malaysian, Asian, Chinese Australian, Southeast Asian
Expertise Asian democracy, Asean, Islamism, Political economy, Religious politics
Gender Male

Kean Wong

Southeast Asian studies

Asian democracy, Asean, Islamism, political economy, Malaysia, religious politics


Kean Wong is a writer, researcher, editor, journalist of 30 years experience in Southeast Asia, Washington DC, Berlin, London, Canberra and regions, for the BBC, The Economist, ABC, and newspapers such as The Straits Times, The Sun, and The Australian Financial Review. Also contributing editor for the ANU's Southeast Asia site New Mandala, and in books such as The Faber Book of Pop and Losing Control: Freedom of the Press in Asia. Editor and co-writer of the book Rebirth: reformasi, resistance, and hope in new Malaysia (2020). Co-founder of Malaysia's Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ).