July 2021 Newsletter

Dear Media Diversity Insiders, 

There’s lots to share with you this month, including announcing our monthly newsletter, which will put the spotlight on a different journalist with each edition. Our paid guest writer will share an issue relating to diversity that they feel passionate about and how it has impacted and shaped their career. Now in its third year, the Media Diversity Australia award at the Mid-Year Walkleys is attracting a large volume of high calibre entrants. Congratulations to the finalists and this year’s winner, Jason Om from ABC’s 7.30.  

We’ll also be sharing details of our successful pilot program, Amplifying Voices. Amplifying diverse voices is not only about more culturally and linguistically diverse people in newsrooms but also who journalists turn to for expertise and comment. In the spirit of giving, we’ve teamed up with the Walkley Foundation and the Scanlon Foundation to provide free online training for journalists. And in the spirit of taking, we’d welcome any donations. MDA is a not-for-profit and a charity with DGR status. After four years in operation, we finally have some paid staff members. Passion and drive alone aren’t enough to change the face of our media so your support is appreciated.